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Meet Our Undergraduates: Psi Alpha of South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, South Carolina

We are excited to begin our series highlighting our chapter members and auxiliaries across the state of South Carolina. This series shares the history of our Undergraduate Chapters in the state of South Carolina.

To begin our series, we introduce you to Psi Alpha Chapter charted at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Psi Alpha Quick Stats:

  • Psi Alpha Chapter was chartered on February 8, 1941 on the campus of South Carolina State University.

  • Psi Alpha and Alpha Omicron Zeta Chapters, were chartered at the same time on the campus of S. C. State College (now called South Carolina State University) in Orangeburg, S.C. on February 8-15, 1941. This event was referred to as the "Twin Chartering".

  • The fifteen coeds of Psi Alpha chapter were: Joanna Williams, Mary Reeder, Ada Creagh, Ruby Gaines, Azalee Jackson*, Maida Brown, Barbara Walker, Theresa McDuffie, Oralee Parler* -,Margaret Young, Minnie McGraw, A' La Perle Ashley, Julia Mae Bailey, Mitty Lee Davis and Janie Harper.

  • Psi Alpha Chapter was also one of twelve undergraduate chapters recognized for having membership in the double digits (49), at the State Leadership Conference in 1999.

President's Greetings:

My name is Daisha Smith and I am the President of Zeta Phi Beta Inc. undergraduate chapter Psi Alpha on the illustrious campus of South Carolina State University. Along with me stands Soror Tamirra Williams who is the Vice President of Psi Alpha. Though Psi Alpha is small, we are united and passionate to serve the community. Psi Alpha was chartered on February 8, 1941 and is one of the oldest chapters in Zeta Phi Beta Inc. Psi Alpha was first conceptualized by Soror Madge P. Harper and Ester Peyton. On January 16th, my soror and I celebrated our first founders day by singing Sweeeet songs of Zeta Phi Beta Inc. As the President and Vice President of the organization we strive to uphold the standards that were set before us. We push to be active in the community and on campus while maintaining being a studious student. My major is Civil Engineering, while her major is Argi-Business.

With both rigorous and high demanding majors we still strive to be Finer Women. We still set the standard high and we still push to grow as a chapter. We will continue to set ourselves apart by building on the ideals of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood.

Psi Alpha Chapter in Action

Connect with the current members of Psi Alpha using the following links:

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Old Website -

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